I made contact with the celestial girl who performed at the ceromony. I find her... interesting. 

She seems sympathetic to the cause. And unlike some of allies, she is not actively gunning for the blood of my family. I decided I would help break out Honda's daughter. I have mixed feelings for the girl but any punishment would drastically increase tensions between Bazareene and the Elves, and those who try to kill monarchs rarely receive light punishments. 

I do not know if mother would actually put her to death... this is a child she herself saved in the womb. But mom has been very distant lately. And she is above all a pragmatist...she always has been. No leader can look weak while establishing their rule. 

Wether I approve of the girl's actions or not though does not matter. She doesnt stand a chance against the Queen, and her actions are only going to lead a war. I haven't the foggiest notion as to what was going through her mind. What was her plan? If the Queen died I would be crowned....

Wait.... was she planning on killing me too?

Our mysterious friend.. who assures us he's simply a man of the cloth (Mom always said to be weary of those who speak in halftruths, especially those wrapped in seemingly holy robes). Assisted us in getting into the prison. A series of sewers connected to it and our journy had us facing the monsters of that undercity labrynth. 

In the end we happened upon a holy man of the god of plagues... seemingly planning to spread plague into the city. We ended his threat and took the Paladin with us above. 

She has yet to recognize me.