Lady Alex spent a great deal of gold getting items just for my use, she really didn't need to go through such lengths though I do appreciate it. She seems vastly concerned about maintaining my need of blood, I understand why. I am use to going longer between feeding so her insistance, I just don't know what to think of it anymore. I should stop fighting it I guess, its just hard not to feel like one of the monsters when I do it. I know she doesn't think that way especially after this evening... I should strive not to think so much on it myself. We've inhereted a tavern, so to speak, they have taken to putting the tavern back together and hired someone to help. It seems like a sound plan, they took awhile to settle on a name. Seems nice though, to have a place everyone can come back to as a home or base collectively. That aside it seems things have gotten a little more in order. Hopefully we can come up with a means of handling Keli... and my father.