Tiefling fighter edit

"I had nothing to live for but I still fought, I feared death so I killed anyone sent against me. They started calling me Azrael-the angel of death, it is the closest I have ever had for a name. The lady Phaant offers me a chance to stave off misfortune, I will find relief from despair by slaying Her enemies, by becoming an agent of despair."


A Xaphan native Azrael's mother died during childbirth. Because of the often violent nature of tieflings she was taken in a trained to fight in to the death cage matches. During these match Azrael earned her name because of the quick and brutal way she killed her opponents. After the fall of Xaphan the fighting arena was abandoned and many of the fighters were left there to die, seen as too violent and hard to control for the amount of protection they could offer. When she was on the verge of death the lady Phaant offered her a deal, become Her follower and destroy Her enemies and in exchange experience relief from despair. After escaping she's spent the last two decades find what little remains of the church of Phaant.

Cleric of PhaantEdit

Azrael's Journal