Brush FireEdit

I am not sure how long I can walk these two paths. How long can I keep two juggernauts from going to war? I returned Cien to her people, then I spoke to the Elven King and Queen today, not as Viktor but in my new role as Prince and hoping to act as an ambassador. I ensured them I am a friend to the Elves, like my mother before me. I spoke with the Lady Runewarden today about my mother. I cant help but feel something has changed in her. I refuse to believe that someone who gave so much for everyone suddenly snapped and became a monster. 

So far I can't say that she has... though I dislike the aggressive military policy. 

We learned of bandits we have been using the bazareene border as a shield for the illicit crimes... they stole some prototype firearm from the Elves. They bragged in a bar that the Elves would not persue them as they dare not upset the Queen. They were right in a way, the Elves did not want to push her any. I did not realize how tight tensions have become... We're we not allies as recently as the Yuan-ti campaign? 

I am not sure I found the monarchy itself morally wrong... all Monarchies start somewhere... The Elven King's ancestors were nothing more than the biggest, strongest chieftan, his lands were once somebodies else's. This is the history of all nations. But I fear what its doing to my mother, and I fear what is inside of myself.

The Bandits we found, We slaughtered many of them. I judged them then and there and executed them for their crimes. I am concerned I let my anger get the better of me. We left one of them in charge with a few others. I Warned them about using the border as a shield. I should of finished it, but he made a deal with -somebody- in the group. And seemed like he would fall in line. 

I wonder if the others found my desire for violence uncharacteristic? 

We did a favor for the Elves, now hopefully tensions might calm a bit. Perhaps I can work as a go between, between our governments?