I may wish to see change in Bazareenes Government. But thats my right as a citizen and a patriot. I am becoming increasingly annoyed with the Elf's involvement in what is an internal Bazareene issue... 

Speaking of internal issues... Alee... What are you doing? I get you are mad, and you have every right to be but you could be pushing for change! I feel like shes playing some sort of long game here the same as I am. Soon we will be in Manifest and there I can see for my self how the reconstruction is going...

The Elf king sent one of his own to keep tabs on us. Hes apparently some off spring of Christiana. Though apparently she abandoned him in Elven Territories as he grew up. He claims to be a paladin but I am having a hard time getting a feel for him. I think Azrael is going to have a field day pushing his buttons until he actually stands up to her. 

We spoke on Morality a bit today. I find myself still confused about what is the correct direction for the world.

The King did not send word about my request. 

Malla's bedroll is warm.