chanuid's holy symbol

It all started with a simple task, find a missing child. Next thing the unlikely adventurers knew they stumbled across an aged artifact of Chaniud's and were thrust into a mission that has left them on the run from the forces of the army of Xaphan.

Current PartyEdit

Alexandrina Silversmith - The Bard The Swashbuckler Extraordinaire  Song Sword Smith Mage

Arn Felladel - The Half-Elf Fighter

Taban Gravesoil - The Gravewalker

Artemis - The Rogue Assasin

Rowan - Vampire Monk

Thinria - A Dwarven Ghost Cleric


Ameila - Bar Maid

Honda Runewarden - Elven Aasimar Paladin

Nicca Highsmith - Child Sorceress

Variel Windstrider - Elven Spellcaster

Violet - The Noble Sorceress


Keli - High General of the Army of Xaphan

Misc PagesEdit

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