If a mage loses a familiar... they get a new one... but if a familiar loses a mage... well they are lost... forgotten... discarded. Experiencing those moments of superior thought only to be left behind.

It was the Lady of Chaos who first took pity on these forgotten ones and gave them humanoid form and thus the Clereptra are diverse in appearance, tending to resemble those creatures taken on as familiars.

Clereptra are a race of nomads, no particular home and have a reputation of being thieves and tricksters. Many will take to adventuring for the simple chance at treasure and fame. They tend to look favorably on magic users wanting to be around and helpful to them... a lingering habit from their years as familiars.

Clereptra Stats:

+2 str, +2 dex, -2 wis

low-light vision


Stalker, Scent

Shapeshift (Only into their chosen familiar form)

Speak with animals (only of their familiar form type)

Favored Classes: Rogue or Sorcerer