Note: This was written the night before the attack on the Harry Dwarf Inn

I fed Variel today. He was gentle but it still hurt. Arn noticed him learing at the barmaid, I don't think he noticed he was doing it. I drug him out and asked him how long it had been. The night at my house was the last time he said. I did not know how to respond to that. He was resistant, but finally gave in, He graspsed me and sunk his fangs into my skin.

It hurt.

I don't care.

Partially covered with ink to obscure it the words 'I liked it' can be noticed with a sharp eye.

He wiped off any that spilled after with a rag and then produced something, a wand if you will believe it and hit me with something that seemed to restore me. I felt better than I had in the first place. He was as gentle as he could be. He was feeling better and returned inside.

I gave the armor to the dwarf and let him know of his sister's demise, he took it well. But it still saddened me deeply. I sat away from the others and next to Variel. The new person had followed us out of Hazuk, I don't know what hes up to but I am uncertain about him. Later he asked to sleep in my Wagon, I found this odd but had no issue with it.

For reasons not of my choosing I am sharing a room with Violet. It was a quiet three days out of here but I can't help but feel that doom awaits for us, and my mind keeps wandering back to Variel, and now to his bite. I must sound like a school girl with a crush. I wonder how old he is?

Probably just the Ale, good Ale here.

My eyelids grow heavy, my pen-hand grows sloppy.

I wonder if hes had other women?

He'd probably not even like me.

It's the Ale.

- Alexandrina.