The first time I met them, my very first memory... the scent of blood...

elven, faintly under the steel of armor. The warrior, his name is Arn as I

found out had been carrying my unconcious body after Lady Keli sent her foul

minion Durst to collect me. She was bold to meddle with Ennic and by association,

my fathers affairs. I was a fool not to see the ambush coming, but Keli knew

that... undead abominations. I was surprised to find out Ennic managed to con

a random group of adventurers into retrieving things from right under the noses

of the Yuan-ti themselves. Also relieved... had they not I am sure that would

have been where I was sent next, he is always looking to test my limits...

forcing me to go longer and longer without my vital needs, I almost lost myself

just this day with Lady Alexandrina, she was a swordswoman with the group that

found me. I was stupid... I almost succumbed to my base instincts, damn this

curse. I managed to control myself and dismiss myself from her presence, I

later raided Ennic's shop for those candies... they help after all.