I have to admit the criminal life is new to me. Upon hearing the city alarm go off I began to rush to a constable to render my assistance.. only to realize the alarm was about us. 

Less than 24 hours ago we broke out of jail an assassin. An assassin who tried to murder my mother. 

And yet this very same assassin owes her life to my mother. I studied the history of the elven holy champions under her mother not a year or two ago. So suffice it to say its complicated.

I am beginning to feel the young girl went to the 'smite first ask questions later' school of Paladins. My suspicions were partially raised when she put the barrel of her gun to my head. She doesn't seem to know my true identity yet. And I am curious if she plans to kill me as well. Time will tell.

A combination of good disguises, clever acting and lecherous behavior managed to sneak us out of Hazuk successfully. 

I slept on a rock, it was painful. This seemed to give Azrael no small amount of amusement. I admit I am used to finer accomidations but I will put up with whatever they will.

I need to write something to Mom... even as aloof as she is eventually she will notice I am missing. Last thing I want are people thinking I was kidnapped. 

I wonder if this is the right course of action? Could I of freed the young paladin with influence alone? Could I of changed my mother's mind? Or at least convince her to put me in charge of the trial so it is fair? Am I taking the coward's way out by avoiding a direct confrontation? 

Right or wrong I have to admit it is a lot more fun this way. 

Tiden's daughter mentioned that mother's behavior has changed over the years. I need to speak with the wizard if possible... 

On our trip we were followed by the captain of the Elven guards... he seemed to recognize me. He seems torn between his duty to my mother and the reality that the girl needs to be let free. To say I understand how he feels is an understatement. 

The Paladin seems afraid of her mother finding out what she did...

The trip had another bonus though. We managed to save a small girl from a horde of goblins. It is nice to do something good even while plotting the downfall of everything! 

From what I can tell Tural is extremely uncautious in combat. Azrael and Bud seem qutie deadly. And Freedie... despite his seemingly drunken behavior seems quite capable.