Drunken Master by PumpkinHat

Always time for a drink!


I was orphaned at a young age. My parents couldn’t afford to take care of me and with regret left me on the streets of Manifest to fend for myself. I joined a small street gang where I was bullied as the new kid and had to fight for every scrap I got

One day, after being caught stealing from a rich looking noble, I fled into a nearby monastery to avoid pursuit. The abbot noticed me enter and lied to save my life. The abbot offered to take me in if I abided by the rules of the monastery. It was a roof food and a bed, and so I began my life as a monk.

I stayed at the monastery for many years. During my time I developed a heated rivalry with a fellow monk. A year ago, I was asked to by my rival for an official match in the inner temple. When I arrived,  I found the abbot, murdered, in the inner temple. As I was about get help, the other monks entered the temple on the word of my rival and discovered me over the body. My rival was quick to accuse me, and none would believe my innocence. And so I ran from the monastery, and the path of the monk, by drowning my grief and shame in drink and earning enough money to run from town to town by gambling. 

Eventually I heard rumors that the ancient scroll of secret techniques passed down the heir of the monastery was stolen on the night I was framed for murder and the pieces clicked. My rival had murdered the abbot, set me up, and in the confusion during my escape, had stolen the scroll for himself and used my escape as an excuse to leave the monastery with the scroll, master its secrets, and hunt down the only person who could reveal the truth. Me. I resolved then to create my own style of martial art to combat my old rival, avenge the abbot, and clear my name.