Note: Quickly wrote in sloppy handwriting is a short entry.

They sent a hit-squad for us at night, We barely survived. Chaniud the blood, and Variel, Variel was hurt by bad, so was Arn, and myself. I think the new guy was dispelling them, I don't know, I am afraid. I am sleeping in Variel's bed tonight, he asked me to remove my bloody clothes. I... I didn't even notice, Was it my blood or the mage I struck down? I don't know. Chaniud forgive me I have killed away.

Variel is playing with cards, I don't understand what hes doing... so long as he lays with me tonight. Chaniud I am to afraid to sleep alone. I am a coward. I lay in bed in only my shirt and Divining Light, I dare not let it go.

I am a coward.