Goddess of Chaos Edit

All the world knows is that Honolia, like Onucia are the orginal designers of Cordia. Where they came from... who they were before is all mystery. Honolia is often simply just referred to as Chaos... which is fine with her.

She thrives on Chaos and encourages it where she can.

Domains Edit

Chaos, Freedom, Insanity, Travel and Luck

Symbol Edit

Honolia has no specific given symbol instead each devout cleric must instead make a pilgrimage of the current High Cleric's choosing and the first piece of treasure gained on the pilgrimage becomes that cleric's Holy Symbol.

Favored Weapon Edit

Honolia's preferred weapon is wild magic, though her followers who use weapons may use whips.

Holy Days Edit

Honolia has no set schedule of holy days, often the High Cleric may simply decide a certain day is a holy day just for that one time for things as simple as learning a new spell

The Clergy Edit

Honolia's clergy has an unusual setup, you do not have to be able to cast divine magic to be a part of it... in fact wild mages are quite welcome. As a result just because you have found a cleric of Honolia... doesn't mean they are capable of healing your wounds. The High Cleric changes on a weekly bases through a contest determined by the current High Cleric at the time, No High Cleric may serve twice as such in the same year to ensure that no form of order sets into the worship. This means that there are times when the High Cleric isn't even a cleric or even very powerful... one time it was even a wizards familiar. Congregations are not allowed to take place in the same place more then once a month and no official church can be built... this often means large meetings around town gathering places and clerics taking up temporary homes in the spare rooms of local followers.