Alex steps out of the room, locking the door. With a small incantation she ensures the magical wards are in place. A figure well concealed in the shadows watches, but they don't see Alex smirk, this power, they don't understand just how much it gave her... or perhaps they do.

"I know you are there, you cannot hide from one who will be a god."

The figure doesn't move, what could they be plotting? Surely they would not be so foolish, she of all people should know what will come of this. A sudden flash of blue is parried by her own rapier. The girl stands there, several mirror images around her.

"You are so talented... you could have continued to serve as my advisor, your abilities, they would have been useful, why do this? Why are so many against what I am doing, Artemis, my son, the elves, a number of other conspirators... and you?"

The girl narrows her tear filled eyes, "I've seen what happens... this is not the way... I cannot let you take the path you are Alex... you were a hero... I can't let you fall to less then that... please... don't you see? You're making yourself no different then that which you foght!"

With that the images rush forward to attack again, Alex parries the attack easily, making an attack of her own only to find it was a false image which jolts her in response.

"What was done to us in the past is exactly why I must do this. The pantheon of this world is letting it fall into shambles, it needs changed." With an annoyed sigh, "You won't see reason on this... I can see, I'll just have to be sure you can't be used by my enemies then... I heard a rumor about your kind...." Alex pulls a wand, using it effortlessly and a look of horror creeps across the girls face as her limbs suddenly don't respond.

Casually Alex walks around, "A few in the past... saw more then they should have trying to be heros themselves... you should know Nicca Highsmith... all the stories... seer's are never the hero, why do you think others of your kind seclude themselves?"

Nicca's can only continue to look in horror as Alex takes her time only hinting at her fate.

"They see too much." As she says this her hand immediately moves to Nicca's forehead.

An ear piercing scream echos off the walls as Nicca crumples to the ground writhing in pain.

"Mmm yes... I think you can suitably guard my treasure for me for now...." Alex says with a laugh as she walks out, leaving Nicca writhing in pain.