Seems I should just give up trying to argue the frequency Lady Alex keeps trying to get me to feed, for what little arguing I do I always end up giving in anyway.

Enough about that, seems we have given up on all our sense of morals and haven taken to kidnapping children. Now while I say that it may very well be the case that she is safer with us but we really did not have solid visible evidence of it. We went to see a man, Warden Highsmith, someone who hired Ennic in the past about his daughter... the thing is... and I really ought to let the others know... I don't recall him having a daughter in the first place, but I could easily be wrong. I'll bring it up with Lady Alex later. In any case while confronting him some of us noticed Artemis sneaking the child out of the manor, shortly after Lady Alex demands to see the child and myself and Arn insisted it wasn't needed. I think she caught on and we left, after returning to her home and questioning the girl we left the city with the child and brought her back to the tavern. The child little Lady Nicca, seems quite cheerful though she doesn't know much Trade Tongue, she does know orc, which Lady Alex seems to know as well which helps make conversation easier. Anyway after catching up with things at the inn Lady Alex dragged me up to a room... where we spent time together... before she went back downstairs.

I'm pretty sure we're all wanted criminals at this point.