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Born to a strict martial clan from the east, Kioshi was a dishonorable bastard child. From an early age she was shunned by her peers, who called her cursed-blood and treated her as an outsider. Her own father treated her like a wicked creature, showing no kindness and little love. When Kioshi became obsessively curious about her origins and demanded answers, her father left the village and did not return until the woman was slain, his blood soaked blade shown to Kioshi as proof. This was the day Kioshi stole his sword and ran away, never to return.

Walking the path of the mysterious warrior, Kioshi looks upon others with great cynicism, seeing any dependence upon an extreme alignment as folly weakness. Those who let emotion rule judgement, will ruin the lives of others with their mistakes. Those who follow only one road will never become one with the nature of the universe. To this end Kioshi seeks out as many cultures and belief systems as she can, only so that she may fault them and continue on to the next journey.

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