In the beginning there was only Law and Chaos... Honolia, the lady of Chaos and 

Onucia, the lord of Law.


Onucia, the creative sort built a world, its vast oceans, lands, mountains, forests and 

of course the animals that inhabited it. It was beautiful, he often fawned over it making 

small adjustments as he decided which changes perfect or not, he was a picky god and 

things needed to have order.

Honolia, watched as the Lord of Law fawned over is world, growing bored she added her own 

touch, Humans. Humans were born of Chaos, they were unpredictable and they did many things 

to Onucia's world... they burned forests and dug up his mountains. They hunted his creatures 

and worse yet... they learned to pull the magic of reality and twist it to their own desires.

Onucia was furious, these humans had no order and were changing his designs. He attempted to 

wipe them from his world only to have them be protected by the lady of Chaos. Failing that 

Onucia then created the Luminar a divinely drawn race of fliers and housed them in a floating 

city that orbited above his world. They were lawmakers, enforcers, they would make order 

where chaos was seeded. It was not perfect but it began to work, the Luminars taught the 

humans, restraint... balance. Onucia's world had order again, though it was not perfect.

Luminars as a player: A Luminar is a creature of law, there is a right way to do things, 
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as the various races emerged and made rules local to their territory the Luminars will respect local laws that make sense to them or may enforce univeral laws they were taught to be right. THEY ARE JUSTIFIED, or at least feel that way and tend to act that way as a character. They will be unfavorable to the banished Praesom, seeing them as traitors to their purpose. Luminars aren't common to the surface world though they cannot do their god given role without being there and thus are present.

Luminar Stats:

-2 str, +2 wis, +2 cha

flight 30ft average


+2 sv vs mind affecting

+2 kn Planes, fly(fly is always a class skill)

+1 cl for spells that are good or good descript

Favored Class: Paladins or Clerics