God of Law Edit

Most followers of the god of law consider him to be the primary creator of Cordia and Honolia just a meddler of the order. The god of law is often referred to as the Lawmaker or the Final Judge, its rumored that Honolia cares little for managing the deceased and he is the one whom chooses how ones afterlife will be.

Domains Edit

Law, Cooperation, Resolve, Nobility, and Knowledge

Symbol Edit

Balanced Scales on top of a Book

Favored Weapon Edit

Longsword or Light Mace

Holy Days Edit

The first day of every month is a holy day as well as the first day of each new year. The day is celebrated by the gathering of the church clerics and knights and they discuss and revise local laws. The year day regional laws are discussed and revised.

The Clergy Edit

Onucia has a very structured and strict clergy. You /must/ know Divine magic or healing to be in it... this is mainly because the clergy knows that the opposing goddess's clerics aren't always likely to so direct membership is restricted to people who can actually help heal. That said, the do hire and pay for knights as guards and escorts and various artisans for other reasons. Nobody is restricted from worship though each church generally has a cleric of some skill heading it for teachings and other Divine work. Donations are always excepted and often used to fund the churchs efforts to maintain local order.