Gather around folks, come one, come all! I have a fantastic invention. Yes, yes indeed, after long extensive study of of the planes I have made contact with another Golarion! That's right, your ears do not deceive you! An entire plane almost exactly like ours. Now of course I expect there will be differences of course but in all actually it can't be that bad if it is also Golarion right? 

Now now on about my invention, after making such a discovery I found out your typical cleric had no way of getting us to this other "Golarion" I am not sure why... I suspect we weren't suppose to find it in the first place but Gods be damned if its there then any adventure worth their weight ought to explore it! 

Oh right... the invention... I keep getting side tracked... so this invention I have will open a rift in which we can cross over to the other Golarion.

I know some of you may be skeptical and of course us being native to our own Golarion are well aware of the dangers this other Golarion could have... which is why I need good able bodied adventurers to come with me! We'll document the discoveries and return back here in no time flat!

So how about it?

Any volunteers?

Player CharactersEdit




Strix Barbarian (She don't need no stinkin name)

Kenryu the Ronin


Dr. Hym Tamard