Goblin GamesEdit

Tessic, "What do you think goblin games are?"

Giaus, "Burning and eating people!"

Tessic, "Not people, small animals we are talking about games, not sports!"

Vanatora is not a manEdit

“Vanas all woman.” - in a super deep voice.

Tien Lady BoysEdit

Therhon: "Sorry Tessic but if the Tien Lady Boys stopped them, the world was not in danger."

Therhon is busyEdit

Therhon, "I will be playing cards with the girls."

Ninja PaladinsEdit

Robert, "Clank, Clank, Clank, Clank"

Robert, "What is it?"

Robert, "Ninja Paladins.... ACP is a bitch."


Robert: Time to scry on Variel.

Tare: You're procrastinating aren't you?

Robert: It's not my fault the spell takes an hour to cast!