As quickly as he appeared to us the Gunslinger dissapeared. This is unfortunate as I had many questions for him about morality and the proper role of government. Learning he was related to one of the champions peaked my interest. Though not my trust. 

Perhaps I was to hard on him and not trusting enough. I do not know. 

We entered the city of Maniphest where we learned something rather distrubning... ghosts have been coming from the veil of souls... Though the guards know of none who have done more than stand at the entrance I can only imagine a ghost with enough force of personality or will power being able to strip themselves away from the true afterlife and return. This... is a rather concerning thought when you consider the number of powerful people who should probably remain dead. I will have to keep my ears and eyes open for more information on this...

I met a bar maiden today, cute girl. She just so happens to be of the ghostly persuasion perhaps if I can get some alone time with her she might know rumors from the ghost community.

Azrael seems very unfamiliar with the ghosts, I suppose growing up on Xaphan would do that. Today she attempted to court a local wizard with Malla's help. Freddie and I found this quite amusing. 

There are missing heroes in this town, I have removed my disguise and with the others we have taken up their cause. Hopefully our very PUBLIC presence in Manifest will help to draw any suspiscions away from us in Bazareene politics. And hopefully while we are here I can decide just what I plan to do about Bazareene.