It's been awhile since I wrote here, I could not bring myself to write while in Xaphan.

I will start with what I overheard at a meeting sitting with my father my thoughts kept drifting to feeding but... I managed to stay focused after I realized they spoke of Alex and her companions. Umon thinks they plan to start a war and wants to strike pre-emtively by first killing them and getting the sword back. Iaris supported this plan so long as she could keep Taban as a toy. I assume that Iaris spoke for Risina as Risina was not present... something about hunting Keli, the council found out about her plans when Iaris presented the item on the table, one of the girls more lucid moments. She would not give it up to Umon when demanded, she said it was her gift from her toy. Umon did not press the issue as it was still out of the hands of Alex and her group. Honestly, when it first came out I was worried Alex was dead... why else would Iaris have the necklace? Then Umon proposed a bounty be placed and offer Keli's position to whomever claimed it. He said they had Holy Shard, a sword they worked hard to wrest free of its previous owner. At the mention of it the entire council agreed with his descision save for Daest... I never know what that dragon is thinking, usually he just wants a challenge, I think the council is boring him these days, I don't even know why he sits with them, he is neither demon nor undead. I am also shocked my father agreed to the bounty... then again he did say he would only not hunt them while they hunted Keli but with Risina hunting Keli... the meeting ended, I begging my father to scry on Alex, I wanted to see if they were even still alive. He seemed amused and agreed, to my shock they were in a fight against 3 of Xaphan's sergeants, likely sent by Keli. After much argument I got him to teleport me there so I can wasn't without a price. I came in time to help them finish off Lyra.

I must get that sword from Alex lest she continue to be a target for death....