Note: A short entry scrawled in trembling handwritting. This takes place after the group returned from the Coil

I live.

Arn and I, carrying and dragging the bodies of our allies made it out of the Coil. They all live, and we brought back a Ranger Keli sent us for. Shes injured but Honda, Honda is the Elven Paladin here where we came out of the gate at. She is healing the Party. The Ranger is a species long thought extinct. She has a ring, another artifact of Chaniud, Rowan was against the idea of taking it from her, I am weary of leaving it in his possession. And indeed she took off after being healed promising to help us against Keli when we are ready.

I spoke with Honda... No that's a lie, I flirted with Honda, or tried. She refused me... and she said some words about me. I, I need to think, I need to pray. Chaniud refuses to answer my prayers, I hold Divining light close to my breast.

But I live.

Barely but I live. That place...

They did something to Violet but she won't speak of it... and I dare not write what I suspect for fear it's true. She attacked me, instinctively I responded in kind and badly hurt her. I outdrew her. I don't know how to feel about that.

in the morning we set out to return the armor and head south. I don't think I am getting much sleep this evening.

help me.