I don't have much time to write tonight. We have reason to believe Durst and his minions are approaching our location. I need to sleep. A tracker found Nicca while I was gone, he even managed to lead half the party away from her. Arn, Violet and Honda stopped him. No, killed him. Unfortunately we don't know if he was working for Lord Highsmith or the Bazareene government. We have to assume he was working for the government until we learn more.

Yeren showed up. I am speechless to be honest. He tried to calm Nicca and even gave her a doll. An old doll, his daughters perhaps? Could he be so sentimental? If Chaniud did not say we could trust his word then I do not know what would of happened... but I would not of let him touch the girl. Not while I lived.

Nicca can somehow, sense danger. She is a seer of some sort. She seems to know what is approaching. The poor girl, we took her from Highsmith, we got her orc father killed and we took her from Highsmith and now she is surrounded by danger. Is this really better for her than what Highsmith had instore? I don't know. That is why I left to see the clerics. I do not have time to go into that today. For now she has to stay with us. I have a plan. For once we will set the ambush instead of walking into it. But wether or not I can get my party to go along with it, that is the question.

Variel almost left today. It was my fault. I was acting selfish and treating him shitty... I want to apologize before this fight again... just in case. I have to go now. I will write more if we live.

We will live.

- Alexandrina