Exhausted, Out of breath, injured, out of spells. My wand is spent. Is this what it was like for mom and her allies? This constant ache in the bones? This constant exhaustion? This constant need for more power?

My Magics are near usless in these fights, I need to devote more time to the path of the arcane, I need to be stronger. I am tired of seeing Malla's blood all over the floor. I tire of seeing Freddie unconscious. 

The need for more power is alluring. 

Tiden's school is here. I will pay him a visit when we survive this place. 

These undead are spent, I owe Azrael two prayer sessions to Phaant for her aid in saving Malla. Next we face their boss, the one who dares make mockery of the Xaphan war by raising and keeping these abominations here. I have not much left except my stealth and my swordsmanship. Let us hope it is enough.