A Mysterious Swordsman and WizardEdit

"Wandering into the drinking hall with a swagger came Viktor. We had anger, we had frustrations, but he had solutions. Strange ones... unlikely to work, but ideas. She's not the enemy he said.... Which almost got him a bottle across the face... but he dodged it some how sensing it before it happened.

She's not the enemy, the system is the enemy. The council was corrupt and weak, to much power in the hands of to few he said, the new system isn't weak, but it isn't any better .To much has been put on her, we need another system he suggested. 

Of the people, for the people and by the people. 

Those were his words, he explained what they meant. I still don't know if it will work. But we've begun to channel our frustration to something. A goal at least. A goal... at last." - Nartil Cooper, local barrel maker and drinker.


Not much is currently known about Viktor....

Viktor is a Bazareene native, a male half-elf wizard, swordsman and gambler. Though he tries to stay out of the spotlight rumor is he has been heard and seen in the circles of revolutionists and others unhappy with the current rule. 

Viktor has dark hair and sad eyes whose color is sometimes said to look almost silver in the right light. 

Not much else is known about him except for his nack of sensing trouble, leading many to speculate he specializes in divinations. 


Viktor has contacts in the local revolutionary groups, though mostly the less radical, less violent ones. 

He also owes a washed up monk 5gp for a card game. The drunken fool took the pot on the river.... but Manifest Hold 'Em is like that sometimes. 


Viktor's true identity was quickly puzzled out by his more obsessed party members. He is of course Prince Alexandre Viktor Silversmith.